Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Momo Glassworks

Fused Glass Jewelry from Northampton 
Momo Glassworks is a collection of wearable glass art made by husband and wife team Rosario Torres and Edo Mor. The pair met in Andalucia, Spain and were soon living together and working together with glass. They say it was "a love affair, a creative rapport, and a language intensive, all in one."  Now they spend half the year in Argentina, where Rosario was born and learned the basics of vitrofusion (glass fusing), and here in a small town just outside Northampton, Massachusetts.

Momo Glassworks fused glass pendants and earrings are made of 100% recycled window glass. They "very slowly" perfected the simple coloration of bits of glass as it is done "in the thousand-year old way." After making some milestones with color, they began layering metal and mineral inclusions over the enamel layer -- at first, as a way of extending the palette. The layering of inclusions became integral to the process, adding interesting reactions to the mix, as well as new textures, dimension, and light-reflecting properties. 


Two layers of glass are needed to entrap the collage; the second layer of glass adds depth to the finished piece and entraps light inside, "more like a terrarium than a potted plant."  Using enamel, gold leaf, flecks of silver and gold mica and sterling silver, pendants and chains are sold separately so you can mix and match to make the perfect necklace. If you love what you see here or have any questions, please call Pinch at 413-586-4509 or email info@pinchgallery.com.