Thursday, December 15, 2011

AWC Designs

Leather Belts with Handmade Buckles 
According to the beltmaker, Andrea Combes, "Accessories are THE best way to put a smile in your day...A bold belt will snaz up your jeans and brighten up an outfit, and hold your pants up as well!"  Made in Rhode Island, the belts are made from leather and the buckles are set with colorful fabric and covered with an epoxy resin to make them scratch resistant.  

Andrea's belts come in various sizes and forms. The buckles can be switched with any of the leather straps featured so please don't hesitate to make a request. Buckles can also be purchased separately from the leather belts.

If you love what you see here or have any questions, please call Pinch at 413-586-4509 or email