Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twigs and Heather

Handmade Jewelry from Local Sisters

Twigs and Heather is the creation of twin sisters and silversmiths Heather and Kerry Alice Collins. Based in Nahant, Massachusetts, they opened their studio in 2000. They describe their unique collection as “part forest finds, part rock star and part silly romantic.” Each handmade piece is cast in sterling silver from native plant life and hand carved wax models using the lost wax casting method.

Though they work together, each sister has her own distinct style. As the designers will attest, “Heather's earthy and natural pieces are subtle reminders of just how wonderful something as simple as a twig can be. There is nothing subtle about Kerry Alice's pieces. They are bold, modern and urban; made for the person who isn't afraid to express themselves.” Their collection incorporates their different styles and personalities with a complementary mix of natural and modern pieces.

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