Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hilary Druxman

Hilary Druxman's collection includes organic shapes, natural designs and classic pieces that make great gifts as well as affordable, everyday jewelry.  Hilary never imagined herself a jewelry designer. But, after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, she landed a position with a local jewelry retailer and quickly became fascinated with the old world mystique of the craft of jewelry.

This passion led her to secure a certificate as a graduate gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America, which gave her a solid foundation in manufacturing. With her expertise in gemology secured, Hilary began to focus on the design of jewelry, and her natural creativity emerged.  Hilary's first jewelry collection was a line for a Winnipeg boutique. The positive response to her inaugural collection further fueled her entrepreneurial spirit and persuaded her to start her own independent jewelry business. Hilary Druxman Design was born in 1994.

Hilary's designs quickly caught the attention of the fashion media and were featured in the editorial and advertising sides of magazines, film and television. Absolut Vodka commissioned Hilary to create a limited collection of silver and blue Soladite rings as part of an advertising campaign. More recently, Hilary designed private collections for Saks Fifth Avenue, Banana Republic and Club Monaco. 

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