Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PBC Style on Pinch

{Jena Sujat, owner of PINCH,
in Northampton, Massachusetts}

PBC Style Interview with Jena Sujat   

PBC Style, a fabulous blog devoted to interior design, art and all things related to the home just published an interview with Pinch owner Jena Sujat. Discussing Jena's pre-Pinch background and the shop's evolution over the years, you can also get a peek at Jena's home and see how her personalstyle influences the decor at Pinch!  Check out some highlights or read the full article on the PBC Style blog.

PBC Style: What about the early years--first getting interested in design? 

JS: In my room, as a ten year old, I remember consciously setting up compositions that appealed to my mathematical, orderly mind, purposefully arranging my bookshelf with favorite things I thought were beautiful – books, a horse statuette, a little golden trophy – all placed just so. I could walk into my room and tell in an instant if anything had been moved, even a quarter of an inch. Now setting up displays and creating compositions is what I do for work. I can enter Pinch and immediately know what’s been moved or sold.

{A lovely, rustic window display at Jena's shop}

PBC Style: Tell me about Pinch and its evolution over time.

J.S.: After some cosmetic changes to the exterior in 2009, this year I did some of the major interior renovations I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I took up carpet and installed dramatic Acacia wood floors. Working with designer Bettina Archer and carpenter Jeffrey Morin I added a redesigned, sleek counter/register area as well as elegant lighting and new, repurposed industrial pieces for display. Now, separate from the merchandise, the store’s style is also more modern and fresh and the beautiful floors are their own work art.

{Jena's screened porch has a fantastic treehouse vibe!}

PBC Style: What kind of design and/or interior d├ęcor do you find most inspiring? 

J.S.: I’m inspired by modern, innovative design that invites wit, ease, and a sense of timelessness. I’m excited by a new idea and love the feeling of seeing something put into effect for the first time. And, although I seek the innovative, I also am aware of the difference between the trendy or fashionable and that classic essence which will last over time.

Read the full article at the PBC Style blog!