Monday, October 01, 2012

Eric Pardue

Decal Pottery with Complex Narratives 

Based in Milton, West Virginia, ceramic artist Eric Pardue’s creates narratives in his pottery using images he comes into contact with during his daily activities.  A graduate of Alfred University with a degree in Fine Arts, Pardue explains, "I've been working with pottery for 20 years. It was going to be a career, but it turned into a hobby."

Starting with wheel thrown red earthenware, Pardue coats each pot with various slips, underglazes, glazes and commercial and artist-made decals, producing a layered surface of color, mark making and imagery.

His highly detailed and evocative pottery draws the viewer into a relationship with the piece.  Pardue says, “These narratives may refer to a specific current situation, past experience, a specific song lyric, or passages from books. Although the references I make are personal and come from my experiences, I do intend for the viewer to build on my intentions with their own ideas and to develop their own story as they interact with the piece.”

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