Monday, February 18, 2013


Elegant and Daring Handmade Jewelry

Created by hand in her studio in Bend, Oregon, Nashelle Jewelry is sought after by celebs and jewelry lovers the world over. Heather, the owner and creator of Nashelle, says, “When I work, it is almost as if the designs come naturally to their own completion. I pay a lot of attention to the changing of seasons and draw on nature for inspiration but I also pay a lot of attention to the many facets of women and how we change our look depending on our mood." Nashelle Jewelry takes pride in their use of recycled materials and natural gemstones and the artistic intent put into each piece that makes their work truly unique.

This new collection from Oregon designer Nashelle features personalized, hand stamped jewelry, striking gold silhouettes, and colorful gemstones galore. Wether you choose a gold pedant or beautiful turquoise embellished hoops, your wardrobe will be perfectly enlivened for the spring season!

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