Friday, September 27, 2013

Modern PINCH look created by B.B.BARN

PINCH owner Jena Sujat launches new look for the 34-year-old retail shop after a year of working with branding expert and graphic designer, John Turner of B.B.BARN, Manhattan.

New sign based on concept and branding designer,  John Turner (BOY BURNS BARN) of NYC. Sign letters made and installed by Sign Techniques of Chicopee, MA, and lettering on door by Sunraise Printing of Hadley, MA. Carved wooden door handle by Roy Superior, from the original Pinch Pottery storefront in the 1980's. Flower boxes by Jeffrey Morin, Northampton.

About the re-branding process, PINCH owner Jena Sujat says how John Turner's questions, as well as questions asked by the variety of design concepts he presented, caused her to think about what PINCH is and what we want PINCH to be. By "we" she means herself and Joyce and Leah and Amy and Sara and Nora and Jessica and Becky and Sara B., her friends and family, and all the people over the years who have come into PINCH and spoken of their enjoyment. "I wanted to do the re-branding because PINCH has grown and evolved over its 34 years, and I want the look to reflect the direction of our style and artisans we carry. Change also keeps things fun for us! Last year, we renovated, putting in gorgeous Acacia hard wood floors and a new register area and jewelry case; this new brand is a continuation of that renovation."

Packaging based on branding/logo design by BOY BURNS BARN (B.B.BARN), NYC. Letterpress labels printed by Mama's Sauce of Orlando, FL in hot orange on white. Box and bag printing from Packaging Specialties in Newburyport, MA. 

About the new packaging Jena says, "Once we decided on the concept and logo, applying this to our packaging became very important. Our bags and boxes are an expression of the store that goes out into the world. The purchase is often a gift, and we want people who give the gift to feel special, that they've chosen something special, and the receiver to feel special because they've been chosen to receive it. We wanted the packaging to be as cool, beautiful and unusual as what's inside of it."

Letterpress business cards designed by John Turner of B.B. BARN, Manhattan, and printed by Mama's Sauce (Orlando, FL) with hot orange sides.

During the branding process, Jena says she came to realize that PINCH is a combination of natural, organic, handmade, and classy as well as fun, funny, and friendly. That concept -- natural and classy with a pop of fun -- got translated to the new letterpress business cards with their natural off-white paper, black ink, and florescent orange printing on the sides.

New look to the PINCH website, graphic design by B.B.Barn, web design by David Kutcher of Confluent Forms, Easthampton.
Coming next is a new concept for PINCH's online shop. David, Jena and Leah are working on it now and plan to release it in October, 2013.