Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moon-Lily Silk Mobiles

Hand-Dyed Silk Leaf Mobiles  
Jan Carson began Moon-Lily Silk Mobiles in 1999. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, the sweeping “branches” and stylized leaves of these kinetic sculptures are reminders of nature for those who garden, hike, or otherwise connect with the outdoors. Carson writes that her sculpture “is inspired by the balance of strength and fragility in nature. I express this equilibrium by suspending each artwork in a state of free yet limited motion."
Available in a variety of colors, the solid color silk leaf mobiles are $209 and the dappled silk mobiles are $239.


Carson’s distinctive use of lightly starched silk makes her mobiles very lightweight, sensitive to the slightest disturbance in the air. Subtle variations distinguish each mobile as handmade, assembled using only hand tools, fine-gauge stainless steel wire and nylon line. Moon-Lily Silk Mobiles are intended for interior use only.

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