Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Hallie's Comet

Handcrafted Jewelry with Stunning Gemstones

Christina Giebner started Hallie’s Comet in a basement (where it seems most small businesses begin) in 1998. With a degree in Fine Art, Christina loves "color, collage and teenie-weenie embellishments," evident in the details of her designs. Locally based in Springfield, Massachusetts, Hallie’s Comet features distinctive and decadent necklaces and earrings that are a perennial favorite at PINCH.

Christina Giebner began designing jewelry when she was 11 years old; taking apart her mother’s old pieces and remaking them into something she thought was “really cool.” With extraordinary gemstones and a more sophisticated style, she’s still doing the same thing today.
Hallie's Comet uses semi-precious gemstones hand-selected at gem and mineral shows, chosen for their uniqueness or the ways in which a given stone may showcase some extraordinary geologic process in the form of truly stunning "flaws."  The stones are accented with sterling silver, 14k gold-filled wire, delicate chains and other unusual components.If you love what you see here or have any questions, please call PINCH at 413-586-4509 or email info@pinchgoods.com.