Sunday, December 07, 2014

Noelle Horsfield Ceramics

"My handmade porcelain work is rooted in both a need to make beautiful things with my hands and a deep connection to the clay itself.  From the time I smell the damp clay in the bag and begin forming it with my hands to the magical moment when I open the lid of the kiln after the final glaze firing, I continue to be amazed by the incredible strength and wonderful delicacy of porcelain."

"My work is created through hand building and the forms are decorated using incising techniques called mishima and sgraffito. These processes produce illustrations that resemble a printmaker's etchings or woodblock prints. I further develop the imagery on many pieces using repurposed vintage decals; often firing a pot multiple times until I am satisfied with the piece.  The end result is a unique and layered story contained within each perfect piece of completely handmade pottery that is at once current and timeless, and that I believe will bring joy and meaning to your daily life for years to come."

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