Thursday, September 24, 2015

Three Wheel Studio

Three Wheel Studio is a ceramic studio and gallery that features a mix of eclectic and functional handmade ceramics and gifts from a variety of artists, including proprietor Dwo Wen Chen, whose one-of-a-kind pottery is made on site.


"Each piece of my Maple/Ginkgo stoneware pottery is hand thrown or sculpted by me. Real leaves or greenery decoration is then carefully imprinted onto the ware while it’s still in the green (moldable) stages and burned off during the first firing."

"I apply my own color glazes to each piece of work before the second firing, which gives it a glassy surface that is food safe and microwave/dishwasher safe."

"I truly do see beauty everywhere. I think that is very evident in the different variety of work that I make. Recently, I have become more comfortable in calling myself a studio potter. It started one day when I opened up my kiln and found an almost perfect little tea bowl with just the right glaze. To a potter, that was a perfect day."

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