Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bella Joy Pottery

Bella Joy Pottery focuses on celebrating the routine, the everyday, your real life. Why save your favorite porcelain for holidays? Bella Joy Pottery is meant to be used for daily rituals-drinking coffee, eating lunch, savoring dessert. Frivolous? Not at all! Life is better when you enjoy the small things.


Heidi Fahrenbacher develops her own original clay prototypes on a potters wheel, fabricate plaster molds to mimic her originals, and form vessels in the molds with liquid porcelain. Each piece is created, finished, and glazed by hand. Her work has either hand drawn decals, that she designs, or her own hand drawn illustrations.

Her porcelain vessels are created in a former chicken coop in Plainwell, MI, which is between Chicago and Detroit. She is inspired by the juxtaposition between urban and rural life. With the prevalence of the farm to table movement, this symbiotic relationship is flourishing. She creates illustrations that show our similarities are greater than we think.

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