Monday, November 07, 2016

Margaret Winters Sweaters

Each season, Margaret Winters of NYC brings elegance and playfulness to her sweaters. Designed for modern life, these artfully styled pieces are easy to care for, and a pleasure to wear.

~Pinch's Fall/Winter 2016 collection now available in our online store!~

A signature range of unique colors and combinations make each sweater a work of art. All Margaret Winters sweaters are made in Queens, New York City, by a hard-working team paid a fair wage.

As our Featured Artist, we'll be offering 20% off all Margaret Winters sweaters during the month of November!

Browse Pinch's Fall/Winter 2016 collection in our online shop!
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These cotton sweaters are perfect for crisp fall days and chilly winter evenings. Dress them up or downthese pieces put style and comfort at your fingertips.

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