About Pinch

PINCH, 179 Main Street, Northampton, MA
PINCH is a vibrant, eclectic artisan gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts with a focus on art for the home and art to wear. Founded in 1979 by three potters, PINCH has a long history supporting and showcasing both well-known and emerging American artisans.

Jena Sujat purchased PINCH in 2006, bringing her eye for unique, interesting and beautiful pieces to PINCH's tradition. Jena finds new pieces for the shop at international trade shows, smaller craft shows, online, and in her travels. With new ceramics and tableware, jewelry and accessories, and home goods arriving each week, PINCH is always changing and always fresh.

PINCH gift packaging
As a small business owner, Jena fulfills her goal of doing what she loves for a living. That same goal fits into her philosophy for PINCH:  supporting others - artists, craftspeople, as well as all the staff who are also friends - to make a life doing what they love.

In the words of one of PINCH's staff, "It's not often you find a store like PINCH. Its location, fun and inviting atmosphere, and its commitment to contemporary crafts make PINCH unique among its peers. Jena puts herself behind every artist with whom she works: in her display, advertising, monthly shows, and the one-on-one relationships she fosters. Buying local is very important to me personally, and I'm proud to work at PINCH, a shop with integrity and creativity. Jena searches out artists and works tirelessly to learn about their process and vision. I feel that everything at PINCH is a work of art; in an age when the consumer-artisan relationship is practically nonexistent and making a living in forward-thinking contemporary crafts is difficult, to say the least, PINCH is a shop that values the product and how it came to be."